Well, What About Dinosaurs?


“Well, What About Dinosaurs?”
And 35 other Bible challenging questions – and the answers. By Gerald Schroeder and Heschel Weiner

Have you ever heard these questions:

What about dinosaurs? Why aren’t they in the Bible?
● Is there a monkey in our family tree?
● Can that rock be a million years old when the Bible says the world isn’t even 6,000 years old??
● How can I know there is a God?
● How can I have free will if God knows the future?

These are some of the questions that have confronted us as educators in the past three decades… and we have the answers that are compatible with the Bible and with science.

The Purpose of this book……
A reader – friendly guide for teachers, students and their parents who struggle with scientific discoveries as they relate to, and sometimes challenge, biblical traditions. Here are concise answers in lay-person friendly terms yet scientifically accurate.