Proof of God 2 – God active in history

in the video, Proof of God in 5 Minutes (now with well over 3 million views), we demonstrated that the scientific description of the creation of the universe was and is an exact match with the biblical description of the creation our magnificent universe. In this present video,  I am proposing to demonstrate that the Force that created our universe is active in our universe; that the Force that created our universe did not stop Its involvement at the creation, but has continued to monitor and direct Its development so that the burst of energy, in essence the super powerful light beams that were the big bang creation, metamorphosed over eons of time to become solid matter as per Einstein’s famous equation, E equals MC squared, and then forged that matter into conscious, mindful, cognizant, self-aware beings, searching in the universe for their origins, not withstanding the fact that the light beams of creation had not the slightest hint of harboring the basics for the eventual emergence of the conscious, mindful, cognizant, self-aware beings we refer to as humans.

I have used the name of our Creator, the Force, mimicking the brilliance of the script writers for the Star Wars series: Listen to the Force. Had the writer scripted listen to God, the theater would have emptied in a flash! 

There are several stages in the development of our universe that demonstrate the involvement of this Creating Force. Most basically, there is the statistically vast improbability that rocks and water and a few simple molecules could, by random reactions, form the complex molecules of the simplest forms of life. As stated in the world-famous Scientific American, a journal not at all oriented toward favoring deliberate design in our universe, if random forces were the only driving force all the time the universe might ever see would not suffice to produce the molecules of life. 


Then we discover that all life uses the same system of DNA for information storage, uses the same system for reading the stored information, and then uses the same system for transcribing that stored information into 3 dimensional physical bodies.  “Nature” got it right, right from the outset. DNA is the information storage library for all forms of life, plant and animal.  The linearly stored information on the inert one-dimension DNA molecule is metamorphosed into 3-D living bodies. 

There are multitudes of articles and books describing the chemical and statistical  improbability of life arising by chance random reactions. There is no need to elaborate on those data here. Since the 1966 Wistar Conference, and continuing through to today, biologists are confronted with the reality that there are no scientific data that support the claim that random reactions were the driving force for the development of life. We read exactly this in the world’s number one peer-reviewed science journal, Science, in the article: “Did Darwin get it all right?” The answer this esteemed journal brings is: no. 

All these arguments are based on decades of scientific inquiry into the complexity of nature. And they are powerful in their implications. But there is another source, totally unrelated to studies of the cosmos and of nature that reveals that the Force remains actively involved in our world, and most directly, in the flow of human history. That source is the statements and predictions brought by the revelation at Sinai and recorded in the Hebrew Bible. 

The fact that I turn to the Hebrew Bible for verification of God’s actions in human history does not indicate in any way that this is limited to Jewish theology.

Years ago an advertisement posted on a wall of the subway in Manhattan ensured that “you don’t have to be Jewish to love Levi’s Jewish Rye Bread.” And in the same train of thought, you don’t have to be Jewish to realize that the 5 Books of Moses, the Torah, were aimed at all humanity even though they were revealed to a tribe of just-freed Hebrew slaves some 3500 years ago (3500 years by its own dating and not less than 2000 years ago as proven by the texts of the Dead sea Scrolls). In the first book of the Hebrew Bible, Genesis, we read that God made a binding eternal covenant with all humanity. This was millennia before the concept of Jews and Judaism even existed. That covenant is with all humankind and as such, it has been formally embraced by the United Nations. The message brought by the Torah is not limited to Jews alone. 

I use the predictions of the ancient Hebrew Bible as a proof of God being active in the history of all humanity because the likelihood of those predictions becoming true is as unlikely as that rocks and water, or even more unlikely, the light beams of creation (recall that the Big Bang did not create anything physical other than space and the super powerful energetic light beams of creation) becoming alive and aware and sentient. As previously stated, nowhere in the light beams of creation is there even a hint of a cognizant self-aware mind, and yet those light beams became alive, cognizant and mindfully self-aware of being mindfully self-aware; and nowhere in recorded human history is there the resurrection of a nation and a language after 2 millennia of exile and dispersion.

The first prediction made by the Bible is found in its first sentence. The opening sentence of the Bible makes the bold statement that our universe had a beginning, a creation. Even the greatest of scientific minds, including Albert Einstein, realized that this was an error. The universe was eternal, the “fixed stars’ proved that. The Bible was wrong in its claims from its very first sentence! And then Einstein discovered that he and the scientific community were wrong. Our universe did indeed have a beginning, the big bang creation of our universe. The millennia-old prediction by the Bible, absolutely central to all that follows, was and is on the mark.

The most significant of the biblical predictions as related to God’s actions in the flow of human history was that a small group of people just freed from slavery, who continuously rebelled against their leaders, was selected or chosen to be the example that the creating Force is active in the development and flow of human history. The Bible makes it blatantly clear that the selection of this people did not make them especially cherished by their Creator, even though there are the many statements of their being chosen. Less than two chapters before the end of the 5 Books of Moses, God states explicitly that if God could act freely, God would destroy this chosen people. Why? Because they have continuously rebelled and acted contrary to God’s design. Here we read that the only reason God does not destroy the chosen people is because God has chosen them to be a symbol of God’s presence in the flow of human history. If God destroyed this people, the nations of the world would say that they, and not God, destroyed God’s people; that they not God run the world. The Creator of the world wanted this people to have this small nation as a sign, that by its unique and unlikely history would be an indication of God acting in the world. The destruction of that symbol would defeat the many times stated purpose of this people’s history being a pointer toward God’s active involvement in the history of the world. The creating God wants all persons of all nations to know that there is a God active in the world.  


The most easily verified prediction of this text from thousands of years ago is that a rebellious weak people, a people still shackled to the mind-set of slavery, would eventually have their own country and the land of that country, that was once a wilderness, would flourish. But if this people did not obey God, then they would perish from off the land and be scattered among the nations of the world, and the land would return to desolation. After the people’s dispersion and punishment, they would again be gathered and regain their lost land. If they misbehaved again the land would again throw them out. 

History in fact has recorded this painful cycle. 480 years after the exodus of this people from slavery in Egypt, the first Temple was built. It lasted several hundred years; then the people rebelled and turned to idol worship; the Temple was destroyed; the people were exiled and punished, Eventually the people realized their error, and then were  allowed return to the land; the Temple was rebuilt; it lasted several hundred years until about 2000 years ago when the people again rebelled against God; the Temple was destroyed and the people exiled. This time the destruction was because of intellectual fighting and cheating among the persons studying the Bible. The fact that persons were using the words of the Bible, that is the words of God, to lie and cheat, brought the wrath of God and 2000 years of Exile. 

We are in the third cycle. We have come back to the land exactly as predicted thousands of years ago. The land which had laid fallow for the two millennia of exile has flourished upon our return, again exactly as predicted by the prophet Isaiah over 2500 years ago. We have brought the language of the Bible, Hebrew, to be the daily language of the entire nation of Israel; 

A graphic description of the overwhelming desolation of the land during the exile of the Hebrews from their land is recorded in the book written by Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad. In the book, he records his travels in an almost totally uninhabited, barren wasteland, the so-called Promised Land during the exile.   

During a discussion I had several years ago with Nobel Laureate physicist Leon Lederman, after our talk discussing the nature of the fundamental particles of nature that cause nature to be a life-supporting nature, our words turned to the revival of the State of Israel and in parallel, the resurrection of Hebrew as its lingua franca – we were sitting in the lobby of the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. In each exile and dispersion, the people adopted the language of the country to which they had been taken. Unique in recorded human history is the resurrection of a language to daily use after millennia of its being relegated to theological use alone. At this point Professor Lederman looked me straight in the eye, and said: if you are talking about spirituality, go to the guys in a yeshiva, but I do find something spooky about the Jews returning to Israel after 2000 years in exile. Leon’s feeling of “spooky”-ness obviously means un-natural, maybe even spiritual, conceivably Godly.

In this third cycle of redemption, we are trying to have a land that embraces a culture and economy that is in accord with the demands expressed in the Torah. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we stumble. History in the future will determine whether we have succeeded in this third trial. 

Individual incidents in which the hand of God may be inferred are each by itself anecdotal. The cyclic settling of the Promised Land and the rebellion and dispersions and re-settling are more intrinsically “global” in their message of Divine intent, especially since this cycle was predicted half a millennium before it began.

It is important to recall that the first of the 10 Commandments is not I am the God who created the universe. The creation of the universe is certainly impressive, but not informative for demonstrating an ongoing interest in the creation by the Creator. As such the first of the commandments is: I am the Lord your God who took you (Israel) out of Egypt. The Exodus was an act that directed the flow of human history, Hebrew and non-Hebrew alike. Recall that at the time of the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt, Egypt was the super-power of the world. The Exodus changed the map of the Middle East of its time, for all the peoples there, for all time.


God’s demand to make God’s name known throughout the world by all nations is logical when viewing God as the Divine parent of all. A parent wants the best for her children (her, since the Hebrew name for the indwelling presence of God, Sh;hkee’nah, is feminine) and that requires knowing the values of the parent. In this case it means knowing God’s message to humankind.  That message appears in the Book of Genesis, within the laws or instructions given by God to humankind immediately following the disaster of the flood at the time of Noah. Those instructions are recorded in the annals of the United Nations.